Looking to add tremendous value to your next conference, meeting, or retreat?  Scott brings real world insights mixed with academic research to life in a fun, engaging, and motivational keynote. He provides more than just business entertainment. He delivers timely, thought provoking, insightful presentations, giving your people information and plans that they can apply immediately.  ​

Alignment: How to Transform Organizational Potential into Organizational Performance is an umbrella of speeches based on Scott's groundbreaking book of the same name. Within the concept of Alignment, Scott has developed a number of specific keynotes.

  • The 3 Foundations and 12 Pillars of Change
  • Responsive Management
  • Culture: The Backdrop for Organizational Success (or Failure)
  • ​Engagement: Vanquishing Organizational Vampires and Zombie Walkers
  • The Communication Compass
  • ​The Gift of Time

Today's business environment is evolving at an unprecedented rate, rewarding those businesses that successfully engage the hearts, hands, and minds of every employee, from the most senior leader to the most junior new hire. Scott will reveal how aligning what you do with what you say, believe, and expect is the foundation for your organization's long-term success. 

Your audience will learn:​

  • How to navigate the murky waters of transition and change.

  • How to build the flexible, resilient, and dynamic organization you need to compete in this constantly changing business environment.
  • How to flex your management style to meet maximize your people's proficiency and resolve in meeting the demands of your business.
  • The difference between employee happiness and employee engagement, and why employee engagement is not a fad, a program, an event, or something you can cross off you to-do list with a red marker.

  • The secrets to developing a culture where all of your people are passionately committed to your long-term success.

  • How to ensure your leaders and managers are leading and managing in ways that build reciprocal relationships with your people.

  • How to move your organization from where you are to where you need to be.

  • How to use time as an effective resource, not a limitation.



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