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The research is clear. Less than 1 in 3 employees is fully engaged in their job. This means that more than 70% of U.S. workers are either sleep walking through their days, apathetic towards their work, or they are sucking the very life out of your workplace. Your business can never reach its potential if the 30% of employees who are emotionally and physically invested in their job are carrying the weight of the 70% who are not. Why should you care? Because a company with a highly engaged workforce is up to 5 times more profitable than their competitors whose workforce is dominated by zombie walkers and organizational vampires.    

How engaged is your workforce? Is your business dominated by highly engaged employees, or do you just wish it was? We believe every organization has the right to a highly engaged workforce which is why we work with organizations to help them increase the number of actively engaged workers and reduce their number of highly disengaged workers.  

We will teach you: 

  • How to hire for fit as well as for talent.

  • How to create an organizational culture that enhances your business' success.

  • How to align your people's behaviors with your organization's culture, expectations, goals, and values.

  • How to lead and manage your people to promote long-term employee engagement.

  • How to successfully navigate change and transitions.

We utilize a methodology that is based on the best of both coaching and consulting. Traditional coaches focus on asking questions to help you unlock the solutions you knew all along. Unfortunately, they don't tend to look at your challenges through a different lens, offering solutions you may not have ever considered. Conversely, traditional consultants focus on offering you their solutions by looking at your challenges through their own unique lens. Unfortunately, they don't tend to ask great questions to uncover the solutions you may have known all along. Hardie Consulting does both ... we ask you great questions (like a coach) and offer you unique feedback (like a consultant), because we know you need both forms of help in order to grow.

Want to know more about how we can help you become a better leader, manager, and communicator? Read our book, "Alignment: How to Transform Organizational Potential into Performance, Productivity, and Profit", available on Amazon.

​Stop wasting time repeating the same mistakes day after day. Let us show you a better way and take your organization to a higher level of performance. 

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business coaching and consulting

transform your potential into profit ...

without alignment, your organization will constantly be fighting with itself. learn how to build the business you always dreamed of running.

Let us help you accelerate your organization's success. We will help you align your organization's behaviors and expectations with your culture, values, goals, and mission. Together we'll develop the processes, procedures, and programs to ensure your people are passionately committed to your success, enabled to ensure your success, and dedicated to securing your future.

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