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Coaching isn't just for athletes any longer. We all need help in our careers from time to time. Your leadership effectiveness depends largely on how well you can communicate your vision, expectations, and priorities to your  people. However, it can be difficult to see your presentation preferences, style, and authenticity through other people's eyes. Sometimes you need someone to help you shape how you organize your presentations, develop what you say, and enhance how you communicate your message. Your organization needs you to persuade and inspire your people to follow your vision..  

Don't worry. We can help. We'll help you engage your audience regardless of who they are, where you interact with them, or how you need to reach them. Develop your competence in motivating people to change their behaviors, accomplish specific goals, and make your organization's vision a reality. We have evaluated over a hundred speeches, coached dozens of speakers, and helped executives develop countless presentations, giving us the experience to help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

Although we specialize in coaching new leaders, professionals in transition, and executives moving up the corporate ladder, we can help anyone enhance the communication skills necessary to be more effective in today's ultracompetitive environment. We utilize Myers Briggs instruments to establish a starting point for our coaching, then personalize our approach based on your individual aspirations and expectations.

Learn how to command a room. Whether you are giving a webinar, workshop, pitch, or keynote, we'll help you find your voice and authenticity to win over your audience. In today's ever changing business environment, successful professionals need to constantly evolve. We'll help you get you from where you are to where you want to be. 

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Let us be your confidential strategic business partner, helping you accelerate your personal and professional success. We will serve as your trusted yet objective partner, utilizing personality testing, asking provocative questions, giving authentic feedback, and providing structured accountability to help you achieve your goals.

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we provide custom tailored executive speech coaching programs based on your situation, goals, and expectations.

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