keynotes and professional workshops

Do you need someone to help you transition your culture, behaviors, and paradigms from what you have to what you need? Do you want to add more value to your next event, meeting, or conference? 

Hardie Consulting offers an array of keynotes, workshops,  and presentations to help you take your business to the next level. Whether you want to lead and manage at a higher level, engage your people's heads, hands, and hearts, bring alignment to your organization's behaviors, values, and expectations, or learn how to deliver presentations that wow your audiences, we have a workshop to help.

As an award winning speaker, Scott has developed a unique way of using stories, anecdotes, and research to deliver the message your team needs to hear. All of our workshops are built on a platform of helping you align what you do with what you say, expect, and value, the cornerstone to building lasting workplace engagement.

speech and presentation coaching

As a leader, you are always expected to be at your personal best. You are expected to role model the behaviors you want to see your people emulate. You are expected to communicate in a way that brings your vision to life, inspiring others to join you on your journey.

However, what happens when you get stuck? What happens when you have to change your presentation style to reach your audience? What happens when you have to reach an individual who communicates very differently from your preference? We have helped dozens of speakers and executives unlock their potential as a leader, manager, and presenter.

We believe in the power of coaching. By providing one-on-one, individualized speech and presentation coaching, we'll help you become a more efficient and effective communicator. Let us help you make the most of your strengths.

business coaching and consulting

Coaching and consulting are complimentary, but different skills. Coaches help bring out the best of your organization's (and your people's) talents, skills, and strengths. They use questions to help you unlock answers you already  possess. Consultants are subject matter experts, providing you with solutions to uncover better ways of working. They look at your challenges through a different lens and help you find solutions you may not have considered.

Hardie Consulting blends these two approaches into a seamless leadership development experience. Our experience has shown both approaches are crucial to a successful management consulting experience. Our corporate coaching models will help you develop the systems, processes, and paradigms needed to manage and lead high performance teams. We'll help you identify and create the culture, behaviors, knowledge, and expectations necessary to manage and lead your unique  organization to higher levels of performance, productivity and profit..

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HR Consulting

Not every organization needs a full-time human resource department. Sometimes, you just need someone you can trust to help you do the right thing at the right time without being locked into a full-time relationship. At Hardie Consulting, we are here when you need us, as a contractor, not as an employee. 

Our quest is not to serve as the "policy police", telling you what you can't do. Rather, we are here to serve as your HR business partner, acutely aware of your needs, goals, culture, and expectations. With more than 20 years experience guiding our clients through the potential land mines and nuances of managing people, we have the experience to solve the most vexing issues. Let Hardie Consulting be your HR business partner, serving as your trusted adviser, guiding you through the complex and sometimes conflicting world of human resource and people management.

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