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Do you want to get real value from your speaker at your next event? Do you want someone who will give a fresh perspective on one of the most crucial topics in business today? Do you want an entertaining speaker who tells great stories to immerse your audience and give them tools that they can apply as soon as they get back to work?

Scott Brown is THAT speaker.  An award winning Toastmaster, speaker, coach, and presenter, Scott delivers keynotes, workshops, and break-out sessions to help you align your behaviors and expectations with your organization's values, culture, and goals. He shows you how alignment builds engagement, the cornerstone for sustained business results. Don't you owe it to your people, stakeholders, and customers to build the best business possible? Contact us today to book us for your next event.

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Imagine if everyone in your organization was passionately committed to your success. What if you were able to tap into the discretional emotional and physical energy of your people? What if you were able to engage the head, hearts, and hands of every one of your employees?

You can have the organization you have always dreamed was possible. In his first book, Scott Brown lays out the blueprint of how to align what you do, what you say, and who you are, the cornerstones of building a highly engaged workforce.

You owe it to yourself, your employees, and your stakeholders to build the most successful business possible. Alignment is the key to transforming your organization's potential into measurable performance.​​

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Want to know more about Hardie Consulting’s point of view on engagement, leadership, management, and culture? In his blog, ​Alignment: How Employee Engagement Transforms Organizational Potential into Organizational Performance, our founder, Scott Brown provides readers with the latest insights on leadership, management, employee engagement, organizational culture, executive business coaching, and of course, alignment. Follow along as Scott helps you become a better leader, manager, listener, and communicator.

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