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We teach leaders and organizations how to improve performance by aligning what they do with what they say, believe, and expect. You'll learn new behaviors, standards, expectations, and processes to ensure you and your organization both reach your full potential.



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Scott H. brown

Years of experience: 24
Position: Founder

Coach, Consultant, Speaker, and Author​

​​After investing more than two decades  of his career climbing                                                                   the corporate ladder, Scott launched Hardie Consulting, a                                                         management consulting firm focused on developing leaders who                                                       engage employees.

Why the name "Hardie Consulting"? Well, when your parents name you after your ancestral home, can't get past five letters for either your first or last name, and you end up having to share your name with a Senator from Massachusetts, you have to find another way to differentiate yourself. Apparently that is why we have middle names ... to differentiate us. Hence, Hardie Consulting was born. 

Fortunately, the name seemed to fit. As Scott climbed the corporate ladder, leading high performance teams in world class retail and service organizations, Scott found himself developing robust, or hardy, solutions for complex problems. His passion for digging deep to find the root causes of what ailed his teams and organizations, consistently proving that the healthiest businesses, both in terms of financial and behavioral health, are those with the highest levels of sustained employee engagement. When he left the corporate world in 2010 to launch a management consulting firm aimed at helping organizations develop the positive-sum leadership practices proven to engage employees, maximize organizational health, and drive long-term profits, Hardie Consulting fit the mission.

Scott has always been fascinated by leadership theory, coaching models, and how some organizations succeed in reaching their potential while others consistently fall short. When he launched his new venture, Scott wanted to formalize an approach that drew on equal parts experience and research, so he began formally studying the interrelationship between organizational culture, leadership, values, and expectations. 

When Scott earned a Master's in Science in Organizational Leadership from Palm Beach Atlantic University in 2014, enabling him to formally intertwine a hardy research perspective to his practical experience. He approaches every situation from dual perspectives ... what does the academic literature say works ... and what has proven to work in real world experiences. The marriage of these two worlds gives Scott a unique point of view.

Scott employs a personalized leadership style that blends both the best of coaching and consulting, because sometimes we need someone to ask the right questions, and sometimes we need someone to propose the right solutions. As he helps organizations find their way towards healthy cultures and employee engagement, he coaches leaders to craft their message in a way that resonates with their people while developing their own authenticity. He has devoted his life to helping leaders and organizations transform their potential into performance, productivity, and profit.

In 2016, Scott published his first book to explain how to build a healthy organization capable of thriving in any market conditions. Alignment: Transforming Organizational Potential into Performance, Productivity, and Profit, is available on Amazon and through CreateSpace. To support his book, his coaching models, and his consulting practice, Scott routinely speaks at conferences, meetings, retreats, and seminars.
Born and raised in Pittsburgh, ​Scott and his wife Kelly have called Orlando, FL home for most of the past two decades. When not working with clients, Scott is an avid Toastmaster, runner, and youth baseball coach.