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professional workshops and seminars

Incorporating the latest research on leadership development, employee engagement, and organizational culture, our CEO, Scott Brown, will inspire, educate, and motivate your people to work differently.

Our customized programs are tailored to help you achieve your goals, address your organization's specific issues, and fit into your specific time frame. Because Scott believes adults learn best when they can be immersed in the material and conversation, all workshops are delivered in-person.

We offer workshops on:

  • Alignment: How Employee Engagement Transforms Organizational Potential into Organizational Performance

  • Responsive Management: How to Personalize Your Style to Build Reciprocal Relationships

  • The  3 Foundations and 12 Pillars to Leading Change
  • The Communication Compass: How to Inspire, Motivate, and Reach Your Audience.
  • The Seven Seas of Organizational Behavior
  • MBTI Team Building Program (Licensed from the Center for the Application of Psychological Type)
  • The Leadership Advantage: Using the MBTI Tool for Effective Leadership (Licensed from CAPT)

  • Inspire, Persuade, and Motivate Your Audience to Action

  • Designing a Group Hiring Process for Business Growth

Let us show you how to transform your organization's potential into performance and profit.

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